Murugappa Morgan

Fire Protection Solutions

High performance, certified, and listed passive fire protection wherever safety is paramount.

FireMaster Passive Fire Protection Products and Systems are used all over the world to protect people and structures against fire.

The portfolio of FireMaster Products and Systems are comprehensively listed, certified and extensively tested to meet national and international standards.

We have approvals valid worldwide for cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fire protection, offering our customers the security of global proven fire performance across various industry and market sectors.

FireMaster Fire-Rated Duct Wraps and Blankets

FireMaster Boards, Papers and Monolitihcs

FireMaster MP Microporous

FireMaster passive fire protection products and systems offer fire, thermal and acoustical fire protection across many industries and applications.

Applications where FireMaster passive fire protection is critical:

  • ‘A’ class and IMO HSC steel, aluminium and PVC composite bulk head and deck insulation in high speed craft
  • Upgrading of fire performance of composite panels to meetIMO room corner test requirements
  • ‘H’ class and ‘A’ class steel bulkhead and deck fire protection for ships and offshore platforms
  • Hydrocarbon and jet fire protection of process pipes & vessels
  • Infill to fire doors and cladding panels
  • Construction joints
  • Cellulosic & hydrocarbon fire protection of structural steelwork
  • Ductwork and cable tray fire protection
  • Fire protection to concrete tunnel linings
  • Structural steel fire protection
  • Vessel fire protection

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