Murugappa Morgan

Superwool Plus and Prime Fibres

Innovative, low biopersistent, market leading Superwool Fibres.

What is Superwool® fibre?

Superwool insulating fibre is a low biopersistent product offering a versatile alternative to traditional insulation solutions for industrial and commercial applications.

Morgan's development in low biopersistence fibres has led the revolution in their use for high-temperature insulation applications over the last 20 years and our most recent innovation, Superwool Prime.

Our patented Superwool products, manufactured using ISO 9002-certified processes, are manufactured from Alkaline Earth Silicate (AES) composition fibres, uniquely engineered to offer advantages in high-temperature insulation applications:

Key benefits include:

  • Classification temperatures of 1200°C Superwool Plus and 1300°C Superwool Prime
  • Low biopersistent exonerated fibres
  • Lower thermal conductivity, improves insulation by 20% compared to other tested AES fibres
  • Up to 30% more fibres due to high fibre index, efficient prevention of heat transfer and greater strength
  • Improved handling, operator satisfaction

The panel was heated to 1000°C for 2-hours until a steady state was achieved. Thermocouples were placed on the four zones' cold face (casing) to follow the real-time temperature evolution. On the same panel, 1m2 blanket was installed with four different insulation layers:

  • Zone 1: 2x25mm, 128kg/m3, Superwool® Plus Blanket
  • Zone 2: 2x25mm, 96kg/m3, Superwool Plus Blanket
  • Zone 3: 2x25mm, 128kg/m3, Cerablanket® RCF
  • Zone 4: 2x25mm, 128kg/m3, AES Competitor blanket

Superwool Plus Blanket, 128 kg/m3 density and 96 kg/m3 density, provides a significantly lower cold face temperature compared to the AES Competitor Blanket, 128 kg/m3 density and Cerablanket RCF, 128 kg/m3 density.

Superwool Prime provides excellent Tensile Strength

  • Superwool Prime Blanket has exceptional feel and handleability thanks to it’s fine fibres; 2.4 to 3.4 µm mean fibre diameter*
  • Tensile strength of Superwool Prime blanket is similar to Superwool Plus fibres
  • Superwool Prime has excellent shelf-life, no significant loss of strength has been observed when stored in standard packaging

*Measured using Scanning Electron Microscopy at Morgan Advanced Materials Fibre CoE.  Internal benchmark tests conducted at Morgan Advanced Materials Fibre CoE according to EN 1094-1 Standard.