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Construction and Building: Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Infrastructure

Creating safe environments for people and structures with FireMaster Passive Fire Protection materials.

Did you know modern industrial, commercial, residential, and infrastructure construction requires passive fire protection measures to prevent fire spread or structural collapse?

For over 35 years, FireMaster® Passive Fire Protection materials have provided effective fire insulation for structures exposed to cellulosic, hydrocarbon and jet fires in oil and gas, marine, transportation and construction industries.

FireMaster fire-rated duct wrap, cement and blanket products are tested and certified solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Infrastructure applications across the Building and Construction Industry.

From commercial kitchen grease ducts to smoke exhaust to structural steel to cable and electrical ducts to tunnel construction, FireMaster high-performance passive fire protection products and systems are chosen worldwide to protect people and structures from catastrophic fires.

Application Solutions for Construction and Building

In addition to passive fire protection solutions, we also provide building insulation for commercial and residential construction with our Vacuspeed® Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) systems.

Vacuspeed, the modular system developed from our Vacupor® VIP, is ideal for the commercial and residential building construction market.

High-efficiency surface insulation can be realised quickly, easily and flexibly with the ingenious Vacuspeed VIP Modular System. Vacuspeed VIP Modular System was developed to fulfill the specific requirements of building and construction practice.

The efficient floor, roof and terrace insulation is now even easier and more flexible with seven new Vacuspeed sizes. In addition, the three different thicknesses and three available layer versions allow almost unlimited possibilities to achieve the desired level of insulation at low structural heights.

Explore more in the technical and design manual for Vacuspeed Building Solutions.