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Americas Manufacturing


Americas Manufacturing

Our Canada site manufactures our line of inorganic Superwool® and Kaowool® Board and Shape products. Our market leading Superwool, low biopersistent fibres and world renowned Kaowool fibres are also available as blankets, papers, modules, mastics and bulks made in our Americas manufacturing footprint.

United States

Americas Manufacturing

Our US site manufacture our complete portfolio of products and systems. Our Pyro-Bloc® Modules and Pyro-Log (Emporia), WDS® and Min-K® microporous (Elkhart), Monolithics and TR™ Structural Insulation (Girard) and in Augusta we produce all product forms from our market leading Superwool, Kaowool and Cera® fibres, and our refractories portfolio of Kaolite®, Kao-Tuff®, and Kaocrete® Monolitihics, as well as our world recognized K™-Series IFB.


Americas Manufacturing

Our Mexico sites manufactures fibre based products from our Superwool and Cera Fibre chemistries and a complete line of our Kaolite and Kaocrete refractories serving Mexico and Central America.


Americas Manufacturing

Globally recognized Carbo Monolithics are made in our Argentina site with a comprehensive fibre portfolio of Cera and Kaowool chemistries.

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