Murugappa Morgan

Coatings and Mastics

Coatings and Mastics designed to improve the lifecycle of your application, with excellent thermal management performance.

Our comprehensive portfolio of coatings that can be moulded, pumped, sprayed or trowelled. Our solutions are ideal for grouting, patching, repairing, filling awkward voids or providing additional protection for existing refractory linings.

Our portfolio includes  Superwool® and Kaowool® based coating mastics. In addition we have non-fibre based products Cera-Preg™, JM 2600™, Cera-Kote™, and Unikote™. With such a wide range of products, we are confident in our ability to provide a solution to optimise the performance of your application.

Key benefits from our portfolio of coatings and mastics are:

  • Low thermal conductivity and heat storage capacity for effective energy savings
  • Durability; resistance to thermal shock and erosion
  • Good workability with low drying and firing shrinkage
  • Superwool products are also non-wetting to aluminium

Installation tools such as pumps, caulking tubes and spray nozzles are also available and vary by region.

Our Coatings and Mastics are used to enhance or repair thermal insulation in applications including:

  • Hot or cold repairs of ovens, furnaces and process equipment
  • Grouting cracks and filling gaps in refractory linings
  • Pumping into voids behind boiler tubes in sidewalls, seals and floors
  • Bonding insulating materials to themselves
  • As a coating for refractory materials to provide additional insulation, strength or protection against chemical attack from alkalis, iron oxide and air/moisture infiltration

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