Murugappa Morgan

Huge rail vehicle/ train


From passenger carriages to tank cars we create space, save weight and feature passive fire protection to reduce fuel consumption and protect people and equipment.

From critical data recorders to tank cars and new technology battery storage in the Railway industry, our Superwool®, EST™ and FireMaster® high performance insulating fibre and WDS® Microporous insulation products for thermal management and fire protection are breaking barriers for new construction and maintenance.

Our engineered solutions for thermal management and fire protection are paramount in railway applications.

Application Solutions

Critical Data Recorders

Using our Aviation technology and innovation, we bring our WDS and Min-K Microporous formulations into the critical data recorders required in the rail industry for cargo and people.

Big grey and white round tank

Tank Cars

From new build to retrofitted, Superwool Tank Car Blanket is specified and fire tested to DOT requirements, Superwool Tank Car Blankets provide up to 25% material weight savings, in addition to thermal management and fire protection.

Huge white refrigerator

Refrigerator Cold Storage Cars

Our Vacupor VIP for temperature controlled packaging is certified and listed for applications where 50°C to 80°C is paramount. Used by manufacturers and transporters of tank containers alike, they offer effective insulation, are lightweight, and space saving; with Vacupor panels typically offering 20% more useful internal volume than those insulated with competing materials.

Battery graphic, image showing leaves in a battery shape

Battery Safety

From shipping batteries to using batteries in a train's power system, our Energy Storage Technology (EST) fibre and WDS Microporous products are designed to prevent the propagation of thermal runaway in battery storage applications. We collaborate with you to integrate EST products for thermal runaway protection in cell-cell, module-module, and transporting of batteries.