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Murugappa Morgan

Assessment and simulation of your application process

Thermal Management Assessment, Simulation and Analysis for selecting the best material for the application, lining optimisation to identify energy and cost savings and for design comparison modelling.

Our thermal simulation capabilities include:

  • Steady state heat flow calculation and steady state with non-typical atmosphere
  • Transient (time-dependent) calculation
  • FEA/CFD 3D Simulation
  • Slow Cool Heat Flow

Lab technologies for testing materials including fibre, refractory and microporous product analysis.

When the situation presents, we offer failure analysis that provides:

  • Thermal Shrinkage
  • Chemical Attack
  • Mechanical
  • Wind Erosion

Hot Spot Repair Insulation Services

Every furnace, boiler or oven eventually needs to have a replacement for the backup insulation lining. Depending on the application and operation, these hot spots require maintenance and repair - online or offline.

The hot spot repair process starts with thermography to identify the precise location of the hot spot. After review of the image, mapping and measuring for exact drilling on the shell to begin the hot spot repair process. Nozzles are affixed to the marked hole pattern, and the hot spot repair pumpable insulation is pumped through the holes with high pressure filling the void. Follow-up thermography ensures complete hot spot repair.

This job requires skilled manpower with experience to handle the HS-100 or similar pumps. The water-based pliable putty-like insulation materials are pumped under pressure and need monitoring through trained eyes. We offer an experienced team with the necessary equipment to ensure a quick and efficient repair of your equipment to save unscheduled shutdowns.

Let's start an assessment on your system to identify how we can begin reducing your emissions.