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Iron & Steel

Working to achieve reduced emissions in your iron and steel plants by 2030.

Iron and Steel processing presents some of the world’s most challenging operational environments for equipment and people. Our advanced solutions in refractory, fibre, and microporous are chosen to fulfil critical applications in furnaces and molten metal transfer applications.

Partnering with industry leaders, we have developed technologies and systems that will achieve energy savings, increase capacity, enhance the lifecycle performance of your equipment and improve safety for your people.

Our newest innovation, Superwool® XTRA low biopersistent fibre with a classification temperature of 1450°C and high pollution resistance, has proven results in reheat furnaces; providing an alternative to traditional RCF solutions. The superior performance in this harsh environment, due to its excellent superior thermal shock resistance, low thermal conductivity and handleability makes Superwool XTRA an ideal alternative to traditional refractory fibre solutions.

Application Solutions

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Walking Beam, Hearths, Forging, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing: Reheating and Heat Treating Furnaces

Skid pipe solutions with Morflo low-cement dense monolithic, combined with WDS LambdaFlex Super Microporous, allows for improved reliability and overall energy performance.

Horizontal, Vertical: Galvinizing

Toroid working lining with a combination lightweight insulating monolithic (Kaolite, Firelite) and Superwool Blok boards provide good strength, exceptional insulation performance and excellent chemical resistance.

Tundishes, Ladles: Molten Metal Transport Vessels

Using our newest innovation, Superwool 1650SI Board reduces thermal cycling of the refractory lining, provides excellent dimensional stability and improves safety.

Why Respirable Crystalline Silica matters.

Watch this short animation to learn what Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) is and how our innovation Superwool XTRA fibres do not form RCS.

Our Pyro-Bloc® modules provide the furnace design a superior lining solution on the hot face in blast furnaces, hearth furnaces, and heat treatment furnaces. K™, JM®, TJM™ IFB offer superior performance solutions to lining designs.

Our newest innovation Superwool 1650SI Board, combined with WDS® LambdaFlex® provide outstanding back-up insulation to molten metal transfer vessels.

Our portfolio and design engineers are available to partner with you and your teams to develop lining and vessel solutions that improve energy performance, reduce emissions and improve safety for workers and equipment.

Resources | Case Studies with Superwool 1650SI Board in Molten Metal Transfer Ladles