Murugappa Morgan


Trusted, proven monolithic solutions for demanding industrial applications where energy and operation performance are critical.

Choosing the right monolithic for your primary or backup lining insulation is critical to the performance of your process. Our monolithic insulating and dense materials are offered in a wide range of engineered formulations for use as the hot face or backing linings in challenging thermal environments.

The range includes products that can be cast, gunned, rammed, poured, plastered, pumped and shotcreted.

Our monolithic insulating products are made from Alumina Silicate and Silicon Carbide with graded cement and binders. Formulations available include low cement, medium cement, aluminium resistant, clay bonded, phosphate bonded, dry vibratory and special formulations for custom applications.

Monolithics Product Data Sheets

The key benefits and features of our portfolio of monolithics are:

  • Wide choice of engineered formulations and application methods ensures optimum performance in individual applications
  • Excellent resistance to thermal shock, mechanical impact and molten metals
  • Strong, lightweight, effective insulator
  • Worldwide proven in-situ references

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