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Murugappa Morgan


Our thermal insulation solutions for stationery and transport fuel cells provide materials that minimize heat loss, improve operation efficiency and ensure optimal considerations for weight and space.

Our ultra lightweight, thin and flexible WDS® Microporous portfolio are ideal solutions where complex design configurations and space are required.

In addition to our WDS Microporous, our fibre based high temperature, high performance Superwool® and EST™ and Pipe Insulation materials provide thermal management to high temperature fuel cells - SOFC and MCFC.

We offer dedicated engineering services at every stage of your project from design specification to material selection to deliver complete insulation systems.

Benefits of WDS Technology for fuel cells

WDS Technology is microporous processing know-how: it allows accurate and consistent control and engineering of both the texture and the distribution of the microporous mineral matrix core.

Consistent and balanced mineral matrix distribution
A manufacturing technology that gives a homogeneous and compact structure with the lowest thermal conductivity in the widest temperature application range.


Fuel Cell Solutions from Morgan

WDS Granulate Product Data Sheet

WDS Nextra Board and Panel Product Data Sheet

WDS Ultra Plus Board and Panel Product Data Sheet

Superwool and EST Fibres