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Murugappa Morgan

Demanding environments and processing equipment in the Petrochemical and Refinery industry require thermal management and passive fire protection products and systems which are designed and developed specifically for these harsh conditions- that's where we come in.

With our applications engineering experts and through our collaborative relationship with industry leaders, from licensors to OEM and from plant mangers to end users across the globe, we develop and design solutions to help improve the efficiency of processes; by reducing energy consumption, CO2 emissions, operating costs and extending the service life of your operations.

Benefits of partnering with Thermal Ceramics

Industry Experience

Our application engineering teams come from the Petrochemical and Refinery industry and collaborate with you to support the industry in delivering emission reduction and sustainability initiatives.

Products and Systems

Comprehensive solutions to support new design innovation and improve maintenance opportunities. We deliver energy and operational lifecycle improvements.

Global Manufacturing

With operations on five continents, your global and regional Petrochemical and Refinery projects will be delivered within scope and on time.

Application Solutions

Ethylene, Reformers

Reducing emissions through improved thermal management of the heater processes for the floor, arches, convection sections, corbels and stacks.

Fluid Catalytic Cracking Units (FCCU)

Regenerators, reactors, catalyst and flue gas lines have demanding challenges for refractory insulation and our industry leading Kao-Tuff 110 monolithic ensures improved operation performance.

Jet and Hydrocarbon Fire Protection

Flexible systems are lighter in weight than rigid enclosures and typically used where regulations do not require metallic enclosures to be fitted but an easily removable system is still desired.

Process Piping

Our solutions improve maintenance and congestion of pipe racks, pedestrian resistance making for safer environment for people and equipment lifecycle.

What is Respirable Crystalline Silica?

Watch this short animation to learn what Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) is and how our innovation Superwool XTRA fibres do not form RCS.

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Brochures and Flyers

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Improving energy use, reducing emissions and optimising your thermal process is what we do. Let's work together for a more sustainable energy future.