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Cutting edge materials development, to solve complex thermal runaway and fire protection challenges

We manufacture a range of Superwool® EST (Energy Storage Technology) and WDS® Microporous products and systems, designed to prevent or delay the propagation of thermal runaway in electric vehicle and energy storage applications.

We collaborate with our customers to integrate EST products for thermal runaway protection in cell-cell, module-module, and pack protection systems. Concerns for space and weight can be mitigated with materials designed for insulative, endothermic and intumescent performance.

Our global manufacturing footprint allows us to work directly with your team whether they are in Asia, Europe, or the Americas. Our many years of manufacturing and direct supply to the automotive industry give us the background needed to bring ideas and material solutions into the reality of volume production.


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Pack Level

Our portfolio of products developed to mange thermal propagation in battery and energy storage applications, has been developed through partnering with industry leaders. We appreciate the complexities of new technologies and collaborate to ensure a superior solution, rather than adopt a 'one-size-fits-all' approach.

Our EST Papers all feature unique attributes to solve challenges with thermal energy absorption, hot gas evacuation and thermal resistance for Cell-Cell, Module-Module and Pack.

Our EST Block and EST Guard solutions provide the same benefits as our EST Papers, with the additional features of non-combustibility and high MOR strength.

EST IC100 Coating is a water-based thin-film intumescent fire protection coating. Its application characteristics offer good impact resistance and an aesthetic finish. Ideally suited for Module and Pack components.

WDS Microporous and Vacupor® solutions are lightweight, deliver exceptional thermal management performance and are sought out by OEMs and pack integrators helping to design systems that delay or prevent propagation in a thermal runaway event.

Pouch Cells with EST Compression Papers

Our EST Compression Papers are designed to accommodate the cyclical expansion pouch and prismatic cells experience during normal operation. These papers take advantage of Morgan’s low biopersistent Superwool fibers combined with a unique binder system and fillers to control the overall compression forces within targeted ranges.

The material is designed to displace foam inserts typically found between pouch and prismatic cells with a non-flammable UL94 V-0 rated substitute that acts as a thermal insulator for delay in propagation in case of a thermal event.

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