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Murugappa Morgan

We offer a range of structural block insulation, under our TR™ brand, which is ideal as economical insulation for energy, industrial, and automotive applications.

Our TR Structural Block insulation products are made from vermiculite or diatomaceous silica. They contain no ceramic fibres, and as a result, offer better insulation performance than comparative competitive products. Their key benefits and features are:

  • Excellent strength and insulating properties
  • Lower thermal conductivity than competitive vermiculite block products
  • Resistance to aluminium cryolite attack

TR Structural Block Product Data Sheets

Our structural insulation products provide economical insulation in a variety of applications in the energy, industrial, automotive and domestic appliance markets. They are ideal as a replacement for mineral wool panel insulation. Typical applications include:

  • Side and end wall insulation in carbon baking pits
  • Backup insulation for:
    • Aluminium pot cells
    • Reheat and pusher furnaces
    • Copper reverb furnaces
    • Oil-fired water tube boilers
  • Interior and exterior bustle or hot air pipes
  • Pair with WDS® Microporous to reduce lining
    thickness and shell operating temperatures

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