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Murugappa Morgan

For more than 30 years, FireMaster® passive fire protection insulation materials, have provided lightweight fire insulation for structures exposed to both cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires. FireMaster® can be found in cruise ships, super-yachts, high speed ferries, coastal defence vessels, offshore platforms and FPSOs.

The marine environment presents particular operational and safety challenges. Our high performance thermal and fire protection insulation systems are chosen to fulfill critical applications in ships. For example, in engine room insulation, and deck and bulkhead fire protection FireMaster® is lightweight, robust and effective.

A60 steel decks and bulkheads

FireMaster Marine Plus Blanket, is a low weight, easily installed and low density material, (minimum 48kg/m3) suitable for vessels where the weight of construction materials is critical.

Horizontally or vertically installed over the structure with fixing anchors (at a uniform spacing of up to 350mm) and with blanket joint placement allowed at any point along the structure.

  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Easy to engineer and modify on site, requiring minimal site surveying
  • Cost-effective
FireMaster Marine and Offshore Fire Divisions Manual

A60 corrugated steel bulkhead

FireMaster Marine Plus blanket is applied onto corrugated wall structures in a similar way as used for flat steel bulkheads. Precise layout varies with the steel wall thickness.