Murugappa Morgan makes advanced ceramic products and systems for thermal insulation in high temperature environments. Our material solutions are used in super alloy applications to improve productivity and energy efficiency.

Our unique offering of fibre, dense fired refractories and Microporous provides us with the ability to work with the entire heat treating cycle from transporting the melt stream to casting the molten alloy to reheating the solid alloy shapes. Superwool® fibers, low bio-persistence insulating ceramic fibre is favoured by the metalworking industry because of its excellent thermal performance, lightweight and resistance to wetting. Pyro-Bloc® system have been the go-to material for decades in critical atmosphere in variety of heat treatment process.

Our newest technology, WDS Microporous solutions, such as WDS Flexipor® and WDS Ultra, have proven successful in improving ladle lining applications. The flexibility, lightweight and thermal efficiency of these materials allows us to engineer effective and reliable thermal systems that maintain optimal temperature distribution inside the furnace for a more homogeneous, better quality product, more efficient use of energy, and longer furnace life. 

At Murugappa Morgan, our core strength is our ability to get to grips with individual customer challenges, partnering with them, using our materials and our applications expertise to engineer and install optimum, reliable thermal solutions. Contact us for more information.

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