Morgan Thermal Ceramics System for Installing Grease Duct Enclosures Achieves ULC Listing for Canada

12 Mar 2013

Improved installation method results in 33 percent space savings

Morgan Thermal Ceramics in close collaboration with ULC (Underwriter’s Laboratories of Canada) have certified a new installation method for grease duct enclosures used in commercial construction. The new system, an update to the existing classification, results in a 33 percent space saving. To obtain a ULC listing for the modified installation method, Morgan Thermal Ceramics conducted extensive fire performance testing in accordance with CAN/ULC-S144.

FireMaster FastWrapThe improved installation method is part of a complete system that includes both the materials themselves and the method of installation. The wrapping system uses Morgan Thermal Ceramics FireMaster® FastWrap® XL products, which are installed using compression joints at all seams on both layers of a 2-layer grease duct system. Also included is the new FireMaster FastDoor XL a ULC-listed access door for grease ducts, which provides a safe and easy way to gain access to kitchen ducts for cleaning and inspection.

The system is ideal for use in commercial construction and has already seen interest from mechanical HVAC contractors, insulation, mechanical, and general contractors, as well as duct designers and architects.

Other enclosures on the market use a minimum of 3-inch overlaps of blankets on seams or joints. The new system’s joining method reduces material use, as there is no need for double material thickness overlaps. “By using compression joints rather than overlap joints, this new ULC-listed installation method results in space, labour, and material savings,” said Clay Booth, Morgan Thermal Ceramics fire protection market and sales manager. “The space savings are estimated at 33 percent compared the existing method, which is a real benefit in commercial construction projects.”

The FireMaster FastDoor XL duct access system consists of a UL1978 tested and listed duct access door and a CAN/ULC S144 tested and listed enclosure cover plate. The duct access door is tested to be grease and fire tight when immersed in a simulated grease pan fire in accordance with UL1978. The access door is union-made and is currently under UL follow-up inspection to ensure the finest quality. A ready to install insulated cover plate compatible with FireMaster FastWrap XL installations on grease or air ducts is included, providing the only single layer door enclosure system currently available on the market.

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